Recruitment Consultancies… Are they right for you?

Teamwork and recruitment
Teamwork and recruitment

Finding a job can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider like pay, location, the tasks asked of you and the overall corporate culture. If you’re anything like me matching yourself to the right company that checks off all of your requirements may take some time. How you go about finding said job seems to be the key in finding the right fit. A booming industry right now, is the automotive industry in the UK.

Previously I would scowl the internet googling different industries that peak my interest. Plugging in key words that I thought would garner some results or spent hours on job search engines applying to anything that even slightly looked appealing. I even expanded my search to other countries like the United Kingdom in hopes something good would come of it. More times than not this got me nowhere. I barely ever got an interview this way or even got past the application phase. Which is definantly an ego de-flater.

A new approach

Handshake for a new commitment

My new approach has been relying on recruitment consultancies to lead me in the right direction. Which is exactly how I found my 2 previous positions. The benefits of hiring a recruitment consultancy is they do the heavy lifting for you. They have just as much vested in you finding a good high paying job that you have frankly because that’s how they get paid. So not only will they work hard to help find you a good position but they also make sure that both you and the company they are matching you with are happy in order to foster a good relationship. If you are successful they are able to continue recommending candidates for jobs. Also, if you ever look to change companies they want to be the one you come to. Recruitment consultancies are also the experts at human resource management. Meaning they can look at your resume and tweak the wording to make you seem more appealing to the prospective company. If you ever read up on employment solutions you will find most often than not how you phrase your experience is what differentiates you from the competition.

Depending on where and what you are searching for recruitment consultancies usually have a broad range of corporate clients that can plug you with a job from coast to coast and even in other countries like the United Kingdom. They usually have a broad selection of clients on hand constantly looking to hire so more than likely linking up with one will keep you employed, making money, and happy.

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